And Feelings x Sel Surfboards – Autumn 2022

29 January 2023 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo.

@andfeelings & @selsurfboards launched their first collaborative project at in Hossegor, France. The 2 brands came together to celebrate creativity and craft through Skateboarding & Surfing with the creation of custom surfboards, a video projection and live art exhibit by @chad.w.eaton

Chad Eaton, AndFeelings founder, created a series of custom art for the show, each piece will be displayed during the whole month of November and can be purchased at Wasted Talent Studio


About And Feelings:

And Feelings is Los Angeles based artist Chad Eaton’s brainchild, he created And Feelings to relive memories from his life in a new visual way. Most graphics simplify metaphors based on moments that stuck in his mind and mementos he has collected on his shelf.

While And Feelings is anchored in Skateboarding & Art culture, the brand aims to celebrate the creative spirits embed in all sorts of subcultures, not just one. Culture and experience before products:


About Sel Surfboards:

Sel Surfboards was born in Hossegor, France, in 2014 as a result of my passion for surfing and my attraction to the shaping techniques of the great craftsman masters. First, I decided to create my own surfboards and, later on, to commercialize them. Handmade surfboards from the beginning to the end. SELSURFBOARDS is the final product of years of dedication, passion, perseverance and love for pure and authentic surf:



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