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4 December 2016 Texto: Mind The Gap.

Ilustraciones que te alegran el día

{english below} Emilie, de Poney M Studio es una persona optimista y alegre, y eso se refleja en sus trabajos como ilustradora y diseñadora gráfica. Estudió Comunicación Audiovisual y Diseño Gráfico y comenzó su aventura en este estudio situado en Lyon (Francia), donde puede trabajar desarrollando su pasión de dibujar sobre lo que le rodea: el surf, el skate y la cultura urbana.

Su proceso creativo comienza con una imagen mental de lo que quiere hacer, lo materializa en un folio a lápiz y luego lo pasa a ordenador con su tableta gráfica, para retocarlo con Illustrator y Photoshop.

La mayoría de proyectos que está desarrollando ahora son ilustraciones, y entre ellos se encuentra la portada del último disco del rapero Jay Kila, prueba de la calidad de lo que hace.



























She spent her childhood in the countryside (in the east of France); she has lived in Lyon (east of France) for 4 years, she studied at the Beaux-arts in Besançon (a city in the east of France not far from Switzerland) for 5 years, she was in visual communication / graphic design.

She is a profoundly optimistic and joyful person, what guides her work. “To be true, I don’t know anything else than to play with my pencils and computer ;). I’m lucky to have a job that I’m passionate about my world gravitates around skate, surf and street culture. Those are things that I like to play with. There is no ambition behind this, no serious intent, just fun!”, says.

“In my creative process in illustration, most of the time I more or less already have the image in my mind, often after something I’ve heard or seen. There is always a trigger moment when I say to myself “Oh yes I want to do this and draw it like that”. But sometimes the result is absolutely the opposite of what I had in mind”, explains.

She mainly work with her pencils, a tonn of paper, her computer and her graphic tablet: “I constantly juggle with it all. Most of the time my illustrations are handmade and colored on Photoshop. Sometimes I draw on illustrator, it depends of my mood of the day, of what I want to say 😉 So I mix a bit of everything. My tools depends on what I want to say. I use the Adobe suite, mainly Illustrator and Photoshop”.

Most of her projects at the moment are illustrations, she is working on an album cover for Jay Kila. And regarding the evolution of her work, she’d like to increase the collabs. Designing a skate board collection.

To develop her ideas helps everything surrounding her. “I like to observe things and people. So inspiration is everywhere, you just have to open your senses and look around. I’m a pretty curious person, I can even be passionate about a documentary on tuna migration! I love documentaries of all sorts. After if I have to name people, I’d say some illustrators like Jamie Browne or Steven Harrington, photographers like Nate Smith, Sebastien Zanella or George Byrne, I love his work”, expresses.

Her favourite historical figure is Martin Luther King Jr.

At the moment in her playlist is a remix of Nick Coleman by Tini Tini, it’s Take the time! It’s my summer hit!





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