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4 December 2016 Texto: Mind The Gap.

Una obra catártica

{english below} Desde crear arte sin parar hasta explorar la naturaleza, ríos y lagos, el desierto, la sierra, los lagartos o escuchar aullar a los coyotes. Esto es lo que tiene nacer, como Darryl, en Reno, Nevada (USA). Este artista ha vivido en Denver, Colorado y San Diego, para finalmente establecerse en San Francisco/Oakland hace una década.

Principalmente es pintor, pero le encanta crear en cualquiera de las formas; para él, hacer algo con sus manos despierta sentimientos de amor y odio a partes iguales. Dice que el acto de pintar es emocionante, activo y visceral, pero el día a día puede ser agotador y desalentador. “Creo arte porque lo necesito, es una exploración de mí mismo y de mi mente, en la que descubro singularidades, alegrías y oscuridad, que se encuentran ocultas y no salen de otra manera, tiene un fin catártico”, dice.

Con respecto al proceso que sigue a la hora de pintar, nos explica que pasa gran parte del tiempo concibiendo la idea de lo que quiere hacer, luego la  bosqueja (su parte preferida), entonces pone el color y va jugando con ello. Finalmente, va ordenando la obra meditadamente y con un cierto ritmo.

Actualmente está planteando un trabajo más grande y con más recursos de lo habitual, basado en una pequeña obra, ‘Nucleus’.

Lo que le inspira cuando se pone a crear son los misterios del universo, lo curioso y lo extraño del ser humano y su relación con el resto del mundo, examinándose a sí mismo.

Su figura histórica preferida ahora mismo es Nikola Tesla. Y su talento secreto, el skate: “es algo que se desarrolla en un escenario urbano, pero a mí me gustaría utilizarlo para fines creativos; además, después de las últimas lesiones, he tenido mucho tiempo para pensar en el trabajo”.

Por último, lo que más le gusta después de un día atareado es pasar tiempo con sus hijos, salir con su pareja y con sus amigos.

























He grew up in a semi-rural area just South of Reno, Nevada. He had always made art, but also loved exploring the various terrain, rivers and lakes of the high desert and Sierra Mountains, catching lizards and listening to the coyotes howl.  He has lived in Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California for a number of years, but has been settled in San Francisco/Oakland for almost a decade now.

He’s predominantly a painter, but loves creating and experimenting in many forms. For him art-making is a love/hate kind of deal. The act of painting is exciting, active and visceral, but the daily self-evaluation can be exhausting and daunting. He makes art because he needs to. “It’s an exploration into the self and mind, discovering hidden oddities, joys and darknesses that I may not be consciously aware of otherwise. It’s fun to look back on pieces and think, “Oh wow, that’s where my mind was at at that point in my life, NOW it makes sense”. I suppose it’s more the achievement of finishing an idea and the cathartic response to seeing your idea realized that fills me with some sort of brief contentment, accomplishment, and yes, maybe even happiness, haha”, says.

In the past he’d mostly handled work stuff, panel building, framing, emails, some sketching and most non-art making tasks during the day and wait for the calm of night to paint into the wee morning hours, sleeping in late. However, that all changed with his second child. He has taken off some time over last 6 months to enjoy the last summer before they start school and daycare. “It’s been fun, but very tough to juggle with art and work life. This is the start of my first week back at it full-time and that I’m allowed to be with my own mind again so we’ll see. I think a strict painting schedule might just happen for the first time ever! Maybe…”, explains.

Regarding his literal painting process, he spends ample time concepting and sketching (his favorite part). Then he looses with color and “play” a bit. Lastly, he starts to draw with the paint, tidying everything up with some rhythmic and meditative line work.

His last work is two large pieces based off a previous small drawing, “Nucleus” and he is also moving studios soon to a residency with a large space and great resources.

He is inspired by the unknown, the mysteries of the universe and curiosities of our world, the bizarre human animal and it’s relationship to everything else, and examination of the self.

His favorite historical figure is Nikola Tesla.

About music, in his head is any song of a number of kid songs he plays at home or in the car for his children. “They have a way of taking over your mind. I’m currently infected with an awful song about gummy bears”, says. His favorite food will always be pizza and ice-cream.

And of course he has a secret talent: “Skateboarding has always synced with seeing the surrounding urban environment differently and utilizing it for creative purposes. It’s also given me a lot of downtime to create work after a number of past injuries. I’d hope that everything I get into plays into the work somehow, my family, playing music, writing, swimming, surfing, they all have something to lend to the work even if ti’s just to give the mind a bit of rest”, explains.

Finally, his favorite way to get away from the routine after a busy day working is playing with his kids. “They don’t really let you do anything else anyway, haha. They have a way of making life seem so simple and joyous when they’re in play mode. Otherwise, I enjoy skating around the city with a friend or two. Downtown San Francisco kind of dies at night and usually warms up after the winds subside. It’s a perfect time to get back out to explore sometimes in and out of the fog. Also, just kicking back with my lady or some friends over some drinks is always welcome”, concludes.





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