“One By One”. Photographs by Brian Gaberman


“We often think we have so much control in our lives as we plan and execute our will every day. But with so many factors of our own personal stories merging and flowing like the tides, all we can do is watch the moments go by, one by one.” 



Publisher: Alix Books, 004

Author: Brian Gaberman

Limited edition of 200 books

Year: 2021

Language: english

Pages: 72

Size: 16,5 cms x 22 cms

Weight: 250 g aprox.

Papers: inside pages Gprint 135 gr / cover pages 350 gr graphic matte cardstock

Design: Juanjo M. Fuentes

Printed in Málaga, Spain

ISBN: 978-84-934660-4-6

Deposito Legal: MA-1048-2021

Price: 22 euro


During the hustle of adult life, years can go by in a blink of an eye. While traveling extensively as a skateboarding photographer and simultaneously raising a family, Brian couldn’t resist the slow look at time passing during his off hours. The frenzied pace of life-on-the-go challenged his introver- ted artistic nature. Neither here nor there, the frequent changes he saw in his children and the landscape provoked a pining to look a little longer and investigate a little further. These images, a confluence of history, memory, and impermanence, satisfied his yearning to not forget. Most of what is captured here is gone – in its physicality and it’s essence.


As time fades and memories develop, the imperfect puzzle of existence forms as the cobbled story of our lives. Big moments with piercing feelings often brandish our minds and create a memorable impression. As Brian examined life with a slow critical eye, it highlighted the subjective natu- re of his looking. The subtleties of solar angles, patina, degradation, soft flesh, and hard bones were examined with the utmost respect and awe.


Each moment of development or destruction was captured in a slice of time. This rather thin squeeze of a decisive composition serves as a bitter- sweet reminder of life’s fleeting moments. Whether the images are highli- ghting life or death, the rich tones and gelatinous imperfections infuse a layer of mystery and serendipity into the images.


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BIO BRIAN GABERMAN:   An international photographer based in Northern California, Brian has spent the last 25 years traveling the world with camera in hand, producing editorial pieces and advertising campaigns for countless publications and brands. The youngest photographer to ever be featured in B&W Magazine, Brian took a detour from his art and dove head first into skateboarding and lifestyle imagery where he merged his fine art background with his commercial work.   Selected by Olympus as one of the top 5 action sports photographers in 2016, he continues to explore his medium and brand the companies he works for with his unique aesthetic. He draws his inspiration from the contrast between a busy travel schedule and the permaculture practice and agrarian lifestyle he submerges into with his family when at home.