Tattoo & Skateboarding: “Let it Kill You”

12 September 2022 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo Let It Kill You.

Let it Kill You is an upcoming book that explores the overlap between tattooing and skateboarding. The story is told through interviews, photos, and artwork from prolific, professional skateboarders that have found tattooing through their careers in skating, as well as tattooers who have come to find tattooing through being a skateboarder.

Volume 1 is set to release this October via Resolute Press and includes interviews with Eric Dressen, Jamie Thomas, Nathan Kostechko, Andrew Allen, Tyler Bledsoe, Jano Navarrete, Cheyenne Sawyer, and Chad Koeplinger.



Through these conversations, we break down why these two worlds can coexist so seamlessly and what allows them to overlap with such ease. The feeling of battling a trick or finishing a tattoo and the dopamine rush that accompanies them both is a familiar feeling with skateboarders and tattooers alike and something that keeps us pursuing it constantly.

What is slated to be the first release in an ongoing series, Let it Kill You sets the stage for a bigger conversation about skateboarding, art, and how we can all come to identify with these things in our own lives. This book showcases raw conversations about life, skating, art and how they keep us all moving forward.

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