Retro Glam – new collection by Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

3 February 2019 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Bartosz Chronowski .

There is no such a thing as a one-dimensional woman. You don’t have to give anything up in order to be yourself. Be more, have more and make yourself visible in a spectacular manner. Volatility gives women an unlimited opportunity of living many lives. Every day you can be someone different. Each woman has at least two faces. We respect that, we admire that and that is why we are giving you a chance to let them roam freely. You don’t have to contain any part of your feminine nature anymore. Our brand new collection Retro Glam is a perfect combination of tradition, classic retro style and modern, feminine glamour. That is why among our dresses, skirts, tops and blazers you will find all that you need to create most fashionable, unusual and surprising combinations. Amaze with your boldness and courage to manifest your femininity. Combine your element of retro with your particle of glam.



Things that have already been are always interesting. Time for great comebacks in a modern release. Bold mixes of various geometric patterns, dots, lines and flowers astonish with their freshness and new perception, as if time stopped and let them relive their golden era. This fashion tribute we paid to the past lets us look into the future with hope.

We are aware how important self confidence is today and how powerful it is. Our new collection is the essence of femininity and uniqueness. Subtle but suggestive combinations of sex appeal and chic glamour style. Manifest your two faces by extraordinary dresses during the day and by exquisitely decorated lacy pajamas at night.

We have prepared a collection of animal prints for absolute fashion maniacs. When it comes to animal motifs, it isn’t hard to exaggerate. But we aren’t exaggerating – it’s one of the most fashionable trends! We wear them heads to heels. However, they are given a breath of fresh air by combining them with dappled neon green.

To help you fight for staying young at heart we are coming to the rescue with our sport dresses. The comfort they provide combined with their original cut and form full of details makes them something more than just clothes. They become a second skin, through which you can breathe and taste the world. They will look great with sporty as well as more smart outfits.

The true power of expression lies in unobvious mixes. We focused on seemingly sloppy yet original combinations of all with everything. We mixed together the most trendy stripe motifs and matched subtle floral motifs with a crude grid. We also gave a new life to the rusty wallpapers taken straight out of old living rooms.





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