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3 March 2020 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo.

Winter has been very busy for the whole team here at Mr. Gugu & Miss Go. We’ve been preparing brand new designs for 2020! More than 70 products are now available in our new releases section. They range from very aesthetic motifs to funky and colourful designs. Before you check them out, read the rest of this article, we have a surprise gift for you!




One of the most popular motifs is our ganja king and queen straight from the Great Kingdom of Ganja. Available in sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants, making them great for a full party outfit! The designs are unisex, so ideal for matching outfits with your loved one.



We know how you guys love our space-themed prints. So they were something we couldn’t forget about while preparing these new releases. Joining us are the Space Explorer, Cosmic Sail and many, many more.



What’s really awesome is that we’re having a huge sale at the moment, everything is 50% off! But that’s not all, we’ve prepared an additional discount for Staf readers. With the code “staf” you will get another 10% off on all products! Hurry up, it will be only active till the 31st of March! To go to our online store, click this link.



Important! In spite of the current pandemic, nothing has changed in the way we manufacture and deliver our packages.





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