Mr Gugu Summer 2018

1 August 2018 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Bartosz Chronowski Photography.

The leading theme of our newest collection are the leaves of monstera – one of the most decorative plants. Its characteristic leathery, heart-shaped, deep green leaves can’t be overlooked. We lured them out of the tropical forests of Southern America using noble gases in the form of neon lights. Combined with the foliage of monstera they created a tandem we called Tropical Neons that meets the demand for slightly more subtle and toned yet still unique designs. Our collection, seemingly sustained in a mysterious, ethereal and misty colour scheme, does not lack stronger accents. Being a possible distraction, signs were reduced to the bare minimum. This freed up space for unprecedented colour variations that create an exceptionally perverse and intriguing mix. This bold decision, somehow recalling the latest trend of this year, is undoubtedly both striking and refreshing.The core of the collection is made up of electric colours like fuchsia, green, violet and cobalt. On the other hand, it also offers subtle shades of rose, immersive yellow nuances as well as the classical marriage between immortal black and grey. Thanks to this, Tropical Neons seem to be perfect for every woman who values keeping up with the latest trends while still leaving space for individualism and emphasizing her distinctiveness. It’s an ultrafeminine manifesto of independence and passion, a display of the wild part of our thoughts and hearts. Each and every item from the Tropical Neons collection will bring about the breath of fresh air we all genuinely need.


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