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Sustainable and ideal for users with high consumption: The Aqua Twin with water-based ink is most effective and refillable. Thanks to the innovative color system, countless color shades can be mixed – perfect for all graphic design, watercolor and graffiti applications. The combination with the AQUA BLENDER Pro enables long-term storage of the color shades without loss of quality. Furthermore, the ink base is an absolute highlight: Thanks to food-based colorants, the ink is approved for children’s use. Annoying headaches due to job-related use are no longer a problem. Thanks to its 1 mm Brush tip and the 2-6 mm Broad tip, this twin marker is an all-rounder for everyone. 100% Made in Germany.



Paint it black! Black and Chrome are not only basic colors for throw ups, they also belong together like love and hate. However, BURNER™ Black loves BURNER™ Chrome and harbors no killing intentions to it.



ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Marker System

Highly opaque and UV resistant on nearly all surfaces: The sustainable ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system has been built to refill and is always reliable in all its functions. A low wear and numerous possible applications offer an added value to these markers. Whether painting surf board, canvas, fridge, graffiti or sneakers: nothing is impossible. The ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Twin is available in 24 color shades. Moreover, you can mix your individual color shades by using the corresponding Empty Twin Pump Marker and the 50 ONE4ALL™ refills. Effect colors make coloring exciting.



ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Spray

The water-based classic all have been waiting for: the ONE4ALL™ spray can is the perfect equivalent for the ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system. In combination, both paints can be applied wet on wet, which is perfect for mixed media. The ONE4ALL™ acrylic dispersion has the finest atelier quality with a durability, flexibility and UV resistance, never seen before. A revolutionary new binder generation provides a flexbile paint structure – withoout cracks or breaks. Moreover, the volatile solvent amount is substituted with 85% water. The paint is odorless and also ideal for architecture, hobby and decoration purposes. NO LIMITS! guaranteed.


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