Electric x Zombie

13 October 2018 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo Benalfest.

Electric, the Southern California-based premium eyewear leaders, and Cycle Zombies, self-proclaimed purveyors of surf trash and custom motorcycle culture, have partnered over the years.

Influenced by surf, skate, music, and chopper culture, the Cycle Zombie family lives and operates out of Huntington Beach, Ca. Big Scott, father to CZ members Scotty and Taylor, has been building custom choppers for years as a passion and a business. Both Scotty and Taylor grew up swapping parts at motorcycle shows, building their first bikes with Big Scott, surfing, skating, and living their own southern California dream. This unique lifestyle helped created the Cycle Zombies moniker they are famous for today.



About Cycle Zombies
Cycle Zombies is a family that was born and raised in Orange County, CA. It was never founded, it just happened. Surfing, skateboarding, building and riding motorcycles, is a lifestyle that we live and breath everyday, as opposed to what so many other companies try to copy.  We’re not a club or a gang, but a brotherhood of family and friends who ride together and care for each other. We dig up old bikes and bring them back to life with a new look.  We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel, but only make them turn again. Surfing, skating, and riding choppers give you all the same feelings of freedom.  The second you fire a bike up, step on a skateboard, or catch a wave, you forget about everything…

About Electric
Founded in 2000 by second generation eyewear category leaders, Electric is a participant owned, global, premium eyewear brand rooted in Southern California’s rich music, art, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, outdoor sport, and customization culture. Electric designs and markets an extensive line of award winning sunglasses made in Italy of the highest quality, designed and tested in California’s rich natural resourced landscapes. Snow goggles, watches, bags, apparel and accessories support eyewear throughout the globe. For more information on Electric visit website







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