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It’s not where you take it from but where you take it to

DJINN’S was established in 2001 as a family-owned head and footwear company. They are based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany since then. Thinking of bringing something new on the market back then it all started with a shoe – the classic mocassins shoe called Genesis. But this time in the handmade edition. Since then DJINN’S showed itself in many varied facets in form of shoe-silhouettes and high-quality produced caps. They are well known for eyes on details as producing their products in unique colourways and varied selected fabrics. Nowadays DJINN’S deals with fashion sneakers, Dad Caps, Snapbacks and Trucker Caps just to name a few of their best selling products. As another channel of distribution they use collaborations with designers, other brands or artists to bring out the variety of DJINN’S products. DJINN’s is constantly gaining more attention within the fashion industry and is now one of the leaders on the headwear market in Europe.

Constantly delivering an original and unique piece their boss Jens Hüsken always designs new products, getting his inspiration from the fashion scene, music, designs, art and people just like me and you on the streets.

One of their best-selling shoes or sneaker is the model named AWAIKE, which is sold in EU sizes 36 up to 47. The shoe fascinates many customers with its simple yet convincingly comfortable silhouette. The design is reminiscent of a tennis shoe from the 80s or 90s but has been reinterpreted for the new fashion trend. Being a low top sneaker the AWAIKE brings out the legs and underlines every outfit you can imagine. The shoe also has additional support for the heel in form of a fabric patch which is sewn in and very comfortable. The model is available in various unique fabrics and leathers and is a trendsetter thanks to the unique cork inner sole.

If you want to know more about DJINN’S and their shoes and caps please feel free to take a look at their website






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