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17 December 2018 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo Pino Perdido.


The Brokelads crew had been pondering upon the thought of travelling outside our beloved HQ, Mile End Skate Park, for a while now. We had been making a mini series of our adventures in the Capital, London and saw fit that we should try and make an excursion to somewhere warm enough to feel our toes to skate during the harsh winter months- which was on the horizon in November.

In Search Of sun,sea, spots and lots more, we decided on Malaga as we all had fond memories from watching people such as Danny Brady (backtail the window ledge on the lighthouse by the sea is still incredible to this day- find that footage kids) in the early 2000’s tearing the city ‘a new one’. A skaters paradise of sorts. Therefore we decided it would be a place worth exploring, for a total of eight days.

The crew consisted of Klavz, Rafski, Felipe (out before the trip had even started with knee troubles, but still supported the boys all the way), Froby, Saimon and Cameron heading from Stanstead Airport- whilst our other homies came from across Europe such as Victor (‘my friend Vicky’, also his old instagram handle, was a phrase used a lot on this trip!!) who came from Paris. Whilst Pavel, Loic and Filip (Rafski’s brother) came from Madrid and Barcelona respectively.

Our friend Javier whom is also from Spain came for a two day spin, an absolute gentleman and ‘dope’ person to have around.

Saimon told his friend who lives in Northern Spain, Izreal, whom he had grown up with and had not seen in over 10 years back home in their native São Paulo- to join us for an extended weekend. He did not really speak English however his love and passion for hip hop and skateboarding broke all the barriers down real quick, we would soon be ‘freestyling’ and cracking jokes as if we had know each other for a real long time. A breath of fresh air to our little family. Appreciate your presence ‘Big Dawg’.

Obrigado !!

Luckily, I had met a friend in London by the name of Diego, as he would often skate and chill at HQ or at our favourite skate shop Parlour Skate Store (RIP), and knew he could help us navigate some classic and new spots- even though he was busy with his studies and lady friend (thank you for everything brother).

Between dodging €251 fines for skating anywhere in the city centre, along the beach walk (basically all the famous/good spots) under cover cops patrolling the grounds around the classic ‘big bank’ spot and some how bringing the rain from back home with us (typical) for four out of the eight day there.

Thankfully, we still managed to gather some decent footage of our time out there.

Coincidentally, our best sessions come from exploring the surrounding hills (the GX1000 video inspired the search too, great video guys) near our AirBNB instead of battling locals at the square near Bar Mañana (big up Rob, the owner of the bar- who is also a long time friend of Pavel from back home in Latvia). Then there was the ‘generational gap’ such as old people who are just feed up of the noise/our presence/lack of Spanish speaking interactions in and around the city whilst they where preparing for their early Christmas shopping spree.

However, up in the hills, where the number 1 bus starts, it was a complete 180 degree flip.

Most, if not all, the locals loved us being in the area and would even step outside their houses to watch us skate with their kids watching on too. These people changed our mind-state about the city as a whole. The first 3/4days were difficult to produce what we wanted – the ‘hills next door’ however, provided in abundance the days after and we are forever grateful for that.

All in all, Malaga really does grow on you, once you find your route through the city and the .35 cents SanMiguel (or MañanaBar, plug plug!!-we’re named who we are for a reason lol) the session is there to be had. Just be vigilant for ‘the man’ and the copious amount of dog fesses everywhere looool.

Brokelads out !! Peace Peace !!

Written by Froby on the behave of the @brokelads crewdem- ‘narm screaming cuzzy!?’

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