Turbokolor Autumn 2019

30 November 2018 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo.

Turbokolor co. is a brand established by paweł swanski, an artist and designer, 10 years ago in warsaw. For the last years the style and form of the brand have been evolving and growing up with its maker. Swanski’s art permeated turbokolor’s designs which are inspired by the street culture. with time turbokolor became an international project at the same time retaining its non-corporate, local character.

“From escapism to enthusiasm” – that is the slogan swanski and we, as turbokolor, follow and naturally transfer onto our t-shirts. the message is you should never give up hope and carry your dreams.

This is what art, skateboarding or just the street itself have taught us. three different realms, one common ground: expression. traveling all around the world, swanski met a lot of people who have been supporting him ever since.

This is how “team of enthusiasts” was born, a group of friends from the world of skateboarding and art representing the brand.







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