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15 December 2020 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo Stanley.

Since 1913

Imagine you are hiking, camping or even in a trip in the morning and you can’t have a glass of water or take a good coffee. To solve this problem, Stanley offers us a wide range of products, which from the hand of William Stanley Jr. they offer it to us and makes us have a fantastic product in our possession. It will help us enjoy our favorite beverages, as well as our daily coffee breaks until extreme outdoor adventures. Here you are the Stanley® Classic Series, in which each bottle will remain with you in every moment of your life.

Firstly, if you are a coffee lover, you can buy the legendary camp mug, which you are be able to have a good hot coffee and with the perfect – brew pour over that allows you to make coffee, with only two ingredients, water and coffee. The machine will do magic thanks to its filter and operation. Another product similar to this one but with the difference that you cannot make coffee, this one has to be made already, you can take it from home and store it in the classic bottles, with different sizes. If you like more solid the liquid, you have your bottle, the food jar + spork that on the one hand you can eat your food without losing temperature and have some cutlery at hand, since it has a hook with spoon, fork and knife. But if you have cutlery on hand you can get the classic food jar that is simply a container to store food or the classic foos jar that is larger and has a handle to be able to be held more comfortably.

When making a walk, both the trigger action travel mug and the twin lock are ideal to have in hand while on an adventure as it is easy to handle and can be carried comfortably. Also you have two differents bottles more bigger than these, there are the trigger action mug and the packable mug. For those people who have a taste for drinks that make you happy, there are three perfect bottles that are on the one hand the beer growler and the wide mouth flask, which are an ideal size to store alcoholic drinks for a good night out with friends.

Now we have a collection that stands out for a similar chromatic range, with muted tones and similar to each other, this collection called go series consists of two bottles, we have the go bottle and the water bottle, moreover for there people who are looking for a more unique and aesthetic design there is a range of bottles that is the master series in which it stands out for the sobriety of its bottles and the use of more muted colors.

Stanley have the perfect gift for lovers of black there are some bottles that are for them, on the one hand is the thermal bottle that has a very aesthetic and formal design that is different from the rest of the bottles, in this you can store drinks and on the other hand if you want to take food you can buy the food jar. In the same way as in the previous collection, there are several types of beverage bottle apart from the thermal bottel, there are the trigger action mug, the packable mug and the hip flask.

To finish we have the adventure series collection that brings a series of ideal products for cooking and drinking in a group, since this collection is special by being for a group and not individual.For cooking, there is the camp cook set that brings everything you need to set up a kitchen in the middle of the field, or the fry pan set and the compact cook set, which are similar to the previous one but with fewer kitchen accessories. then to store food, kitchen utensils…, the easy carry outdoor cooler and the cold for days outdoor cooler are available. Then to eat or drink the fantastic food we have the all in one food jar, the vacuum food jar or the vacuum bottle at hand, If you want to share with your friends and that you all have the same glasses, the beer pint, beer stein, the shot glass set and the shot glass + flask set are at your disposal.

Some history… Stanley has more than one hundred years of history, being founded in 1913 by the inventor William Stanley, hence the name of this, he drastically changed the way that hot drinks were consumed forever. This event was appeard in the year the company was founded, in 1913, he linked vacuum insulation and the strength of steel into a portable bottle, giving life to the bottle by all-steel vacuum, as it is currently known.

With the passage of time, this vacuum bottle evolved from concept to icon and has become an essential asset for the day to day, be it during the workday, road trips and outdoor adventures.

William Stanley Jr., among other inventions, was the one who created Char-Vac® and brought the first double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle to market at a time when fragile glass-lined bottles were the standard. With this insulation called Char-Vac®, the bottle were accumulating carbon dust between the steel walls. Which required a large wall space. Which made it a heavy but durable bottle.

As time went by, around 2018 Char-Vac® was removed and replaced with the coin method, creating a lighter weight item, but the gap in the wall was still the same. In order to fix this problem in 2019, it was decided to reduce the gap of the wall, which increased the internal capacity while maintaining the same external dimensions. This would improve the durability of the product when being hit, it was making it more resistant to shocks. Requiring a hit strong enough to deflect both walls beyond the yield point to leave a dent.

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