Snake Legend Spring Women Collection 2020

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The Brand

Snake Legend is a Sofia-based streetwear brand that is deeply connected with tattoo culture and the personal story of the Smokov brothers.

The Smokov brothers are legends on the tattoo scene, pioneers of this craft in Bulgaria and artists in both their education and thinking. Their path resembles Sofia’s turbulent recent transformation: from being cut off from the world by the iron curtain to becoming a globally connected hub for exciting ideas.

The Snake Legend brand is not about being liked by as much people as possible. It is the truest possible expression of the Smokov brothers signature artistic style.



What makes Snake Legend special

A piece of Snake Legend carries an unmistakable character and is not intended to please everybody.

The Smokov brothers’ ethos is what makes a piece of their clothing worth having. Every one of their items is thoughtfully designed – not to please a mass market and to fit into some fashion trends, but to convey an artistic value to a public that would recognize itself in it.

Their street clothing makes a statement with the quality of its art, the appreciation of details and the utmost care invested in its production. All Snake Legend shirts are made of high quality cotton with very interesting details and all prints are done by hand work.



The brand purpose

Snake Legend is the Smokov brothers’ way of giving tattoo art a new life. It’s an ongoing conversation with a public of contemporary art lovers and other people that appreciate character more than anything else.



The Snake Legend

The name Smokov comes from the Bulgarian name of the adder snake. The brothers have to thank their grand-grandfather for it. One hot summer day long, long time ago, he found a huge adder snake on the road. He thought it dead and considered a good idea putting it as his belt. The snake would soon prove him wrong, awakening in the middle of the village’s pub to cause quite of a stirr. It certainly left its mark – not on the man’s flesh though, but on his family name, changing to reflect the story he became famous with. When years later his great-grand-children would create their streetwear brand, the legendary episode would re-emerge to inspire its name.


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