Grateful Dead Team Up With Nixon for Limited-Edition Watch and Accessories Collection

31 January 2022 Texto: Redacciñon. Fotografía: Nixon Archivo.



Comprising seven watches and five bags, the collaborative line brings Grateful Dead artwork to best-selling Nixon styles.



You’ve seen the Grateful Dead’s legendary Dancing Bears on our bags and timepieces… but do you know where the bears first appeared? What about the first Steal Your Face skull? We tapped into a living vault of knowledge for insight on the Grateful Dead artwork we all love.

“They all have a story behind them.” – David Lemieux, Grateful Dead Archivist

David Lemieux has been the official archivist for the Grateful Dead for 23 years and has been listening to the Dead since ’84—he still remembers the first time. Living in British Columbia, Canada, Lemieux can also be referred to as the legacy manager for the band, meaning he keeps an eye on things to make sure they stay, “within the Grateful Dead sensibility.”


















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