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A collaborative collection that brings legitimate outdoor functionality to the ever-adventurous urban youth

The line you take to land a trick on your skateboard or solve a problem on a boulder is never the same for any two people. From the fields of Fontainebleau to the streets of NYC, the energy of a session with friends ultimately pushes us to reach our goals. It is in this communal and creative spirit that Millet and Element have capitalised on their natural progression toward a common ground by partnering in an ambitious new collaboration.

It is with this shared energy, commitment, and expertise in their respective domains, that Millet and Element have partnered and release for Fall/Winter 2022 a collection of exquisite products that brings outdoor functionality to the ever-adventurous urban youth of today.

The collection is split into a pinnacle and main line which enables to offer the right product to the right customer. While revived deadstock fabrics are at the core of the pinnacle collection, that brings a sustainable take to these premium pieces, the main line includes classic pieces such tees, fleeces, flannel shirt, pants, beanies but also functional shell and down jackets.

more information: ELEMENT x MILLET




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