“Dialing in With… ”
The latest artist series collection from ELEMENT

31 January 2022 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo.

Dial in and explore what goes on in the minds of the artists who created the prints that live on this spring/summer collection. This group comes from all parts of the spectrum, some could say a kaleidoscopic mix of skaters, DJs, style wizards and even a fisherman. The thing that binds them, is they all these unique pieces that has helped to shape these unique pieces.

When seven different artists from places as distinct as Helsinki, Paris, Vancouver, and cities in between all come together for a project like this, the results journey into the unknown, and part of the fun. By gathering this group of people we will always be a admire for this project, it is clear the collection speaks to the backgrounds and interests of each of them and in turn, transformed their art into these functional, daily pieces.

Slipping into a new season, this collection will boost your inspiration and your your mood as well. Because what is life without a little extra flavor? Soak up the vibes and enjoy the summer with this lively collection from Sascha Daley, Alexis Jamet, Clara Knör, Jaakko Ojanen, Ellie Andres, Ines Hadj Hacene and Timber!

To take a deeper dive into the world of each artist, check the full “Dialing in with…” series of interivews on @elementbrand to explore what inspired them to create these unique designs.

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