Tommy Guerrero “Loco’s Lament”.
Málaga. Live at Velvet Club

10 May 2020


Levi’s® Skateboarding Collection presents: TOMMY GUERRERO, Live at VELVET Club (Málaga. 26.04.14). A Staf Film.Video. May 2014

Musician and skateboarder, member of the legendary Bones Brigade, prolific artist & designer, the untamed kid of San Francisco haunt back our turntables with his new album « No Man’s Land ».

We were so lucky to see the whole tour, all the (fuckin’) shows and every single day, and… with all the respect to all the others shows and cities in the tour (which they were great shows and amazing friends and people we meet), what we felt seeing Tommy playing in our cathedral Velvet, with all our family and friends… we didnt see it in any of the others shows.

we will say only one thing about the show in Málaga: it was the only gig, in the whole european tour, where Tommy and his Guerreros played 3 bises. You can imagine the rest…

Thanks to the support of Levis Skateboarding Collection, and our friends at La Trinchera Estudio filmed and edited 3 songs of the whole show. Here you have the first of the 3 songs: “Loco’s Lament”. Next ones are coming soon… stay tuned!

A Staf Film.Video. May 2014

Filmed and Edited by: La Trinchera Estudio


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