sam pierson “Can you Feel it yet?”


Sam Pierson is an artist, illustrator, printmaker and creator of weird. He lives and work in Denver, CO. His work is heavily influenced by the graphic subculture artwork of skateboarding, snowboarding and music.  For over a decade now He has been producing work to develop a style that would eventually evolve into the black and white pen work that it is today. He tries to produce imagery that is something that might bum your parents out and make you stoked. It generally always depicts some form of lowbrow “tongue in cheek” theme of (drugs, alcohol, naked women, food and an assortment of gritty characters). It has taken thousands of hours of dedication to get to where He is today. And He is extremely stoked to keep pushing myself towards the future of making good friends, having a good time and making rad work.


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Sam Pierson "Can you feel it yet?". Original Ink drawing 2015   Author: Sam Pierson Technique: original Ink drawing (11" x 14" inches) Paper: Bristol paper Signed by the artist   We send it without the frame of the photo. Shipped in a tube   Sam Pierson: INSTAGRAM