Andrew Pommier x Griptape Skateboard


A skateboarder and snowboarder, this 33-year-old Canadian cruised onto the skateboard graphic scene a long time ago and has already illustrated over forty boards. Andrew Pommier’s creations have a retro feel to them. They evoke images of a sad clown and plunge you into a world where men hide behind animal masks in order to escape their humanity. His characters often appear alone, with little more than sneakers or a cigarette to connect them to “real life”. Honestly, there is no hidden message or subliminal meaning behind his work; he simply enjoys working with graphic elements and mystical ideas to create work that resonates with the public.



Skate Deck by canadian artist ANDREW POMMIER, to celebrate his first solo exhibition in Spain, in Moments Festival in 2015.   Author: Andrew Pommier Title: "Griptape. Malaga skateshop" Technique: Skateboard Deck printing 3 inks Limited to: 50 (signed and hand numbered by the artist)   Andrew Pommier: