15 January 2017 Texto: Mind The Gap.

Explorando y construyendo ideas

{english below} Nació y creció en Tokio y ahora vive en el sur de California. Ha trabajado en distintos campos: marketing, juguetes de diseño, ventas, consultoría y alimentación. Entonces se dio cuenta de que todas estas cosas le servían en su trabajo como artista.

Normalmente se centra en la pintura, y cada vez está más interesado en la exploración y construcción de ideas, especialmente en las paradojas o conceptos contradictorios. “Ir descubriendo cosas nuevas es lo que me mantiene siempre con ganas de crear”, dice.

Siempre está dispuesto a descubrir nuevas perspectivas y todos estos pensamientos los ha plasmado en un libro, que incluye elementos visuales de estas ideas.






He was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and currently living and working in Southern California, USA. He had worked in diverse international industries such as global marketing, toy design, sales, consulting and foods. Then he became stranded upon where he should be and naturally synthesized the entirety of his experiences into himself as an artist.

He was focused solely on painting. Over the choice of artistic execution, format and medium, he has been currently working more on exploration and construction of ideas. Especially, I am keen as to paradoxical or contradictory concepts. “Paradox and contradiction are the source of game that prolongs joy”, says.

To discover new angles of viewing things, his process functions like a game played on a flight of stairs where after he has taken one step up to encounter something new, he then returns two or more steps down to comprehend another from the past (more than before) while simultaneously experiencing a new present upon the old step where he nows see a new future ahead (or behind). Discovery is that which drives me to prolong my evolution. “This process game occurring in my head seems to oscillate linearly, but every swing ports me through time and space to a new future with every rotation. The idea of routine, repetitive identical actions, vs. repetitively painting diverse things seemed attractive yet contradictory. It is a game; some time ago, I initiated a visual diary project, painting frequently along with concepts that naturally come to my mind. I am currently working on the creation of a book that includes those visuals and thoughts”, explains.

The hardest thing he has ever done regarding your work was in Tijuana, Mexico, for a revitalization program, I was invited to paint a 25 year old/approx.16m high statue with other international artists: “Although I was assigned to paint the middle section, I had to climb on unstable scaffolding. The statue was situated on a hill, so the landscape added height. With a great view and a great degree of discomfort, I endured”.

He is always intrigued by discovery of new perspectives as well as the contingency of discovery that becomes an epiphany in which he would be susceptible to the uncontrollable gravitational force of creation.

He rejoices in learning languages, not only the words but also the cultural context. “It always introduces me to new angles, processes of viewing new things and things that I have already seen. Therefore I feel that I constantly evolve”, concludes.



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