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Inspiración en el tattoo

{english below} Creció en un pequeño pueblo inglés, Newdigate, una zona repleta de campos y bosques, propia para vivir aventuras al estilo de los Goonies, como él mismo dice.

Trabaja como diseñador en Ilovedust, una empresa compuesta por un gran equipo de diseñadores e ilustradores que hacen desde grandes murales para Chevrolet y publicidad para Nike hasta pequeños proyectos como colaboraciones con revistas y portadas de libros.

En su tiempo libre, bajo el alias Megamunden, crea ilustraciones, murales y ha creado un par de libros junto a Laurence King Publishing relacionados con el tatuaje: The Tattoo Colouring Book y The Flash Tattooing Colouring Book.

En Ilovedust desarrolla distintos métodos de trabajo y diferentes estilos, mientras que como Megamunden ha desarrollado uno muy característico, y sus ilustraciones son puro tattoo.







He grew up in a very small village called Newdigate in the county of Surrey in England. It’s an area filled with woodlands and fields, a proper country upbringing which him and his mates filled with lots of adventure and mischief. “A bit like the film Goonies I suppose. My parents are both creative people and my dad’s really interested in wildlife so that has filtered into my work”, says.

He works full time as a Lead Designer at a company called Ilovedust. They are a big team of designers and illustrators working on anything from huge murals for Chevrolet, advertising campaigns for Nike down to smaller projects like magazine articles and book covers…

In his spare time he works under the alias MEGAMUNDEN… where he takes on commissions in the fields of illustration, murals, illustration for product and more recent he has been making a few books with Laurence King Publishing where he gets to explore his passion for Tattoo style artwork.

“Ever since I was small from seeing my parents encouraged me to follow my love for art and that if I could somehow find a way to make my living from it then that would be the best thing I could do. That’s really stuck with me and been the driving force for working so hard”, explains.

He adds: “I have many ways of working and working at Ilovedust means I need to be able to do a multitude of styles, I see this is a great thing. In my MEGAMUNDEN work I’m trying to simplifying down to more of a focussed recognisable style. That I can become known for. It’s a great balance as working in different styles helps perfect my MEGAMUNDEN work or bring new little touches into it”.

“I am known for a predominately hand drawn style… I don’t fill my work with effects, it’s more bold lines, either black and white or bold punchy colours. In my books I’m trying to keep an old skool weather look to everything to give a more authentic vintage tattoo feeling to everything… but the drawings themselves have a modernised twist”, expresses.

Right now he is on the final days of finishing his second book. It’s the follow up from The Tattoo Colouring Book and titled The Flash Tattooing Colouring Book. In this book he tried to focus his attention on creating a single style throughout (the first book looked at Western and Eastern Tattoo styles) he took a trip to the US for a while and collected a lot of reference photography. “I’ve put my twist on it again and brought some influence in from other work I’ve done at Ilovedust and things that are going on in the illustration world… hopefully people like it, we shall see – It releases March 2017”, says.

Murals are always tough, there is nothing harder than filling a huge wall with artwork, especially when the piece is for a big brand and it needs to look exactly the same as what was approved. I’ve only ever thought I wouldn’t finish one of them on time… it was for Volvo in Switzerland and we had a tight time limit… lots of artists were doing pieces for the project the same week and we’d all helped each other out so they stepped in and helped us last minute… a real team effort”, explains.

For MEGAMUNDEN work he is inspired by motorcycle culture, tattooing, skate and surf artwork. At Ilovedust he is looking at anything from the fashion industry, patterns and fabrics, current and past illustrators and artists, photographers and comic artist…



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