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15 January 2017 Texto: Mind The Gap.

El simbolismo de la naturaleza

{english below} Creció en una pequeña ciudad llamada Mendocino, en el norte de California, pero ha vivido en un montón de sitios: por toda la costa californiana, Carolina del norte, Chicago, Massachussets y estuvo un tiempo estudiando en Edimburgo. Ahora vive en Portland, a la que llama su hogar de Oregon.

Es una artista que expresa su amor por la naturaleza a través de sus ilustraciones, que representan a místicas criaturas de los bosques. Utiliza una técnica mixta, con acuarelas, lápices y tinta, creando texturas y líneas en distintos planos. Sus últimos trabajos tienen como hilo conductor lo que ella llama ‘animales espirituales’, y tienen un gran simbolismo. “Estoy fascinada por el simbolismo de la naturaleza, el lenguaje de los alquimistas, lo místico…”, y todo ello está presente en su obra.

Así, no es de extrañar que la naturaleza misma sea su fuente de inspiración, además de los libros de ilustraciones antiguas y el folclore. Su personaje preferido es Le Fay, una figura mitológica.






She grew up in a small town called Mendocino in Northern California, but has lived many places: All up and down California’s coastline, North Carolina, Chicago, Massachusetts, and for a short time studying in Edinburgh, Scotland. She now calls Portland, Oregon home.

She is an artist who paints and draws mystic woodland creatures and botanical illustrations. “I love getting the opportunity to express my love of the natural world and myself creatively through my artwork everyday”, says.

She is a mix media artist and creates her work using watercolor, gouache, pencil, and ink: “I start with a pencil drawing, usually in my sketchbook, daydreaming of my next art piece. Lightly, I sketch out the shapes on paper first, to get a feel for the piece and work on layout and proportion before I start on the final illustration. I then start sketching the final artwork onto either a fine piece of watercolor paper or wood with a pencil. I move on to paint, using a mix of watercolor and gouaches. As the final step, I draw on top of my painting with pens and ink, creating lines and texture”, explains.

For the past couple of years she has been working on pieces that she calls spirit animals. They are woodland creatures who are a mixture of the natural world and symbolism. “I am fascinated by the symbolic language of alchemists and mystics and wish to continue exploring their meanings and intertwining these symbols within my pieces, conveying their definitions through animals and nature”, expresses.

Turning her artwork into her livelihood is the hardest thing she has ever done: “Creating artwork comes naturally and easily, but sharing it with the world and turning it into a business is a whole other experience, something that isn’t as natural to me as the creative process”.

She feels inspired everyday by the natural world and love living in the pacific northwest surrounded by forests, mountains, and close to the ocean. I am also greatly inspired by books, old illustrations of the golden age, and folklores.

Her favourite historical figure is Morgan Le Fay, though she is more of a mythological figure, “I like to believe she crosses into both worlds”, says.

Kurt Vile’s Pretty Pimpin’ gets stuck in her head every time she listens to it. And her favourite way to get away from the routine after a busy day working is going on adventures with her husband Patrick and her dog Scout- they keep her balanced. “Also reading, I make an effort to read, even during the more hectic and busy points in my life”, concludes.



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