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15 January 2017 Texto: Mind The Gap.

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{english below} Creció en Wyoming pero por circunstancias familiares se mudó unas cuantas veces, lo que le hizo madurar y evolucionar como persona. Heredó su talento como artista de su madre, y su afición por el deporte de su padre, tanto que jugaba al fútbol de estudiante, y después se mudó a Portland, donde el surf y el snow se han convertido en su dos grandes pasiones, junto a la pintura.

En cuanto a su obra, asegura que quiere dar un cambio y pasar de los actuales paisajes a algo más figurativo y narrativo. Es muy metódica a la hora de trabajar: al levantarse por la mañana, después de un café, se pone manos a la obra, porque dice que si no es constante se aburre. Le inspira viajar y todo lo que le rodea, y sus artistas preferidos son Renoir y Cassat.

Después de un duro día de trabajo, a Lindsey le gusta hacer surf, snow, paddle o una buena caminata.








She grew up in Wyoming.  Her parents split when she was young so her brother and her spent time in different households and traveled frequently but made the best of it.  “As a kid, this environment was perfect for roaming around outside and exploring.  My mom and brother and I would often just drive somewhere and find the perfect spot for bone, rock and petrified wood hunting.  My mom is an artist so I picked it up from her. My dad loved sports and worked hard.  I got my love for athletics from him and spent most of my childhood playing multiple sports and  went on to play college soccer.  After college, I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I got involved in outdoor sports like surfing and snowboarding, my loves”, says.

Traveling and being in these beautiful places inspired her to painting: “I started strong in 2012, after my dad passed, and It took off from there. I considered my painting a big part of my grieving process.  Painting is my passion and fuels my meaning for life the most.  I want to express in a painting how I feel when I’m inspired by a place that captures me. I now paint mostly professionally and bartend three days a week to maintain a steady income but hope to be painting full-time in the years to come”.

About her working methods and the process that she follows, expresses: “I’m very much a creature of habit and ritual.  I must maintain a creative mindset if I want to paint everyday.  So I wake up with a cup of coffee, get in a meditative state, if you will, and then get right to it by painting whatever I’m working on at the time.  Since I work with oils, this is an efficient process because it gives new layers a chance to dry while working on layers of other paintings.  Usually I have 3-7 paintings happening at once.  I get bored easily so I have to constantly switch things up”.

She wants to move in a more figurative and narrative direction.  “I’m sketching stuff out to see where it takes me. Nothing can be forced, only fun, or it’s not true to me.  I am constantly experimenting with my own techniques so I’d say I’m playing around with my layers of paint and seeing what works”, explains.

The hardest task she faces most frequently is having enough studio time while maintaining a busy home life: “I want to have time for a social life and family but I am only one person.  My work demands hours of painting time and I find that hardest and most valuable to maintain”.

She is inspiring by traveling and exploring constantly develops her ideas: “I am always seeking inspiration with everything around me. I am constantly inspired, it’s just a matter of narrowing down what I want to capture/say/translate.  I try to focus on the everyday beauty but only one specific part of a big picture, things you don’t usually notice”.

Her favourite historical figure is Renoir or Cassat: “these were very brave artists that didn’t care what others thought of their impressionist works, but did them any way.  I admire and respect someone like that. It inspires me to stay true to what captures me and what I’m doing and take any criticism or advice and pocket what I need and recycle the rest”.

To get away from the routine after a busy day working she likes snowboarding, surfing, paddling or hiking.



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