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15 January 2017 Texto: Mind The Gap.

{english below} Vive en Estocolmo, donde nació, y siempre ha sentido atracción por la imagen y el diseño gráfico. Trabaja como ilustrador/animador, y ha convertido su hobby en su trabajo. Su manera de trabajar varía mucho de un proyecto a otro, dependiendo de si lo que hace es animación, diseños para camisetas, parches o pintura, entre otras cosas.

Ahora acaba de terminar un videoclip para Jamie Lidell, con quien se puso en contacto a través de Luaka Bop Recors. El próximo proyecto que tiene en mente es hacer un libro de ilustraciones infantiles.

Se siente inspirado por cualquier cosa: las palabras, la música (tiene una enorme colección de discos), el cine, caminar, la naturaleza…










He grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, where he still lives. “I guess my background is a genuine love for graphics so much so that I want to do them myself”, says.

He works as an illustrator/animator, it’s a great and varied line of work. “Having your main hobby as your job has lots of perks so as long as I feel I’m producing quality stuff, I’m really happy”, explains.

His working methods and the process varies so much between projects, a lot of his graphics are done for textile prints, animations, shirts, paintings, etc. so he has different angles: “If I’m working with a customer I like to ask a lot of questions early on, so I get a good view of what should be done and how to do it right”.

Right now he has finished a music video for Jamie Lidell who he recently got in contact with through his buddy Eric at Luaka Bop records. For the future, he says: “I would like to see myself develop childrens books, I have a few sketches in the pipeline that I really want to get done eventually”.

He is inspiring by anything: words, music, movies, walks, nature or whatever. “It’s more a frame of mind rather than specific things, anything can be inspiring if you see it with the right eyes”, expresses.

“Music is huge for me, I’m a die hard collector of records so it varies from minute to minute. At this point it’s Superior Elevation ‘sassy lady’, a record I will probably never own but I will try to, he adds.



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