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15 January 2017 Texto: Mind The Gap.

{english below} Creció en St. Louis (USA), y se trasladó en cuanto pudo a la costa oeste, a Oregon, donde trabaja como ilustradora “contando historias” con su trabajo. Lo que más le  gusta, crear imágenes inesperadas para sorprender al espectador.

Para ello combina diversos medios, sobre todo la tinta y la acuarela; primero hace unos bocetos a lápiz, donde plasma sus ideas, y luego realiza el entintado, su parte preferida del proceso. Acaba de terminar un gran proyecto: un libro de 80 ilustraciones de gatos, editado por Chronicle Books y se publicará este otoño.

Ha pasado por altibajos creativos hasta encontrar su estilo y definir su arte, con el que ahora se siente muy satisfecha. La inspiración le llega de todas partes: de los libros, de la naturaleza, de otros artistas y de animales. Una manera infalible de que lleguen las musas es navegar por Internet en busca de animales extraños, que nunca faltan en sus obras.


Su personaje histórico preferido es Boudica, reina céltica que utilizó sus habilidades militares para derrotar el imperio romano en su tierra. Estas mujeres fuertes son una  inspiración en su vida diaria.

En cuanto a la música se refiere, la playlist de su cabeza varía mucho, pero la canción que más suena es Bohemian Rhapsody. Su comida preferida es la manzana y todo lo que se hace con ella. Su talento secreto es hacer malabares, que practica para despejarse y resolver los problemas creativos. Con el mismo fin, le gusta caminar por el bosque de Oregon y respirar el aire puro en plena naturaleza.






She grew up in the Midwest, in St. Louis, MO, but moved to the West Coast as soon as she was able. She loves the Midwest, and she think it shaped me well as a person, but she prefers the atmosphere in Oregon quite a bit. She works as an illustrator and always tries to tell a story with her work. She really enjoys combining unexpected imagery to get the viewer’s imagination involved in each piece.

She combines different media in her work, but her favorite method is using ink and watercolor. She usually begins with pencil sketches to hash out ideas, but she finds that her pieces really come to life when she adds the inked linework. That’s her favorite part of the process.

She just finished a very large project, creating a book of 80 cat illustrations that will be out with Chronicle Books next fall, so she´s currently taking a break from large projects. She is really just trying to explore different subject matter than she usually use, like portraiture and unusual animals and interesting settings, to push her work so that it’s ready by the time she comes up with her next big project.

The hardest thing she has ever done in her work is allowing herself to push past creative blocks, particularly with her style. A little over a year ago, she found herself very stuck in the way that she worked. She drew all the time, but her work just didn’t make her happy any more. She decided to go back to the drawing board to rehash her entire style and method of working. It was very difficult and kind of scary, but she is so much happier with her art now because of it.

Her ideas comes from all over the place, but she gets much of her inspiration from books, nature, other artists, and animals. Her favorite way to get inspiration might be to comb the Internet for fun animal images, since she tends to include some sort of animal in almost all of her work.

Her favorite historical figure is Boudica, a Celtic queen who used her amazing military and leadership skills to come very close to defeating the Roman Empire in her land. She finds strong and powerful women like her to be such an inspiration in her everyday life.

She almost always has a song stuck in her head, and the playlist varies a lot, but the most common one is probably Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s one of her favorites and is always fun to sing as she works. Her favorite food is an apple, and she loves all the different things you can do with apples, especially hard cider.

Her secret talent is juggling, which she does a lot when she is taking a break from her work to clear her head. She finds focusing on the physical task helps her work through creative problems she might encounter during her workday.

She lives a bit out in the woods in Oregon with a small amount of property, so she loves finishing her workday and playing out in her yard or driving further into the woods to tromp through the trees. As she said, she finds nature extremely inspiring, so spending time outdoors helps to refill the well after a long day.



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