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29 December 2016 Texto: Mind The Gap.

Capturando la realidad

“Historias de la calle” es una colección de imágenes capturadas por el artista Castro Frank en las calles de su ciudad, Los Ángeles, en las que se combinan fotos narradas con otras que no necesitan palabras.

Algunos de los protagonistas de estas capturas de la realidad llegaron a la ciudad queriendo ser actores, como en la primera foto; otros se inspiran en la cultura popular (foto dos); son objetos de la violencia callejera (foto 4), o víctimas de una sociedad que se supone estar dentro del ‘primer mundo’ (foto 6).

Muchos de ellos son inmigrantes llegados a Estados Unidos aspirando a una vida mejor.


Castro 01


Castro 02


Castro 04


Castro 05


Castro 06


Castro 07


Castro 08


Castro 09


Castro 10





“Street Stories” Is an ongoing collection of images captured in the streets of his city, Los Angeles. Combining spoken and untold stories, I labor in capturing these moments in their raw form.  

Below are the testimonies and the number of the images.

Castro_01. “My childhood dream was to one day be an actor.”

Castro_02. Inspired by pop art culture, man paints on the streets in Los Angeles. Wearing only a mask that he made out of paper mache.

Castro_04.  D’angelo 68 yrs old, was born and raised in LA. “A month ago I was walking down the street near the fucking meth clinic, I noticed that there was two guys in front of me, I payed no attention to it, as I tried walk by just out of no where one of the men pulls out this hammer and BAMM!! hits me right in the mouth knocking my whole bottom teeth out. For no reason! I never said a word to these guys or anything. If I could tell the guy one thing? I’d say, Here take this, I forgive you punk!”.

Castro_05. Spooked woman in Los Angeles Ca 2015

Castro_06.  “I’m known around here by the name of Mama. I was born in Cambodia. I was born with no lower right arm and only 2 fingers on the left wrist. We didn’t have good medical doctors back home so my family never found out what the condition was. I guess its a rare disease but I’ve survived this far. I think the biggest challenge was finding someone who loved me. I thought I would never find love because I would be a burden to a man but one day, I found love. He was a soldier fighting in my country and it was bad in my country then, but he gave me hope. Anyway, I guess we fell in love. He brought me over to the United States and we got married, everything seemed like a fairy tale, life was really something here in the U.S. and I couldn’t believe it. During the time we were married, my husband would have a lot of episodes. He would beat me so bad almost everyday. I didn’t mind it, I thought it was normal here in the states but once I found out that what he was doing was wrong, I left him real fast. It was bitter sweet because I felt free, but I had no one to go to. I have no family, I have no kids. I had to get government assistance because I couldn’t work, it’s really hard to survive off of $400 a month. So time after time, I have to ask the public for help. I mean I don’t like it, but what else can I do?”

Castro_07. Los Angeles Ca 2016

Castro_08. I was strolling along China town, when I noticed this man dressed in traditional mariachi attire. I approached him and asked where he was coming from. He said that he was a singer at church, I was surprised because I assumed it would’ve been some kind of Mexican restaurant where he maybe plays or sings. The man was such a gentleman, after making a this image, he wished me luck with blessings and went on his way.

Castro_09. Man asking for quarters to make a dollar 2016

Castro_10. “GOD CAN, honestly I got this tattoo to remind myself everyday when I look in that mirror that God has my back. It makes me feel strong you know what I’m saying?  When I was little ass kid, the only person that was there for me was my grand mama. Even though she was there, she never really showed me love. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but she always made me feel like I couldn’t do much with myself. You know what I’m saying?, I had no male role model or anyone to make me feel wanted. So I leaned towards the streets, and yea I was rolling wit neighborhood gangs and shit but I did it to feel like someone had my back. But yea man this tattoo really helps me try to be open to other people and understand them. Like when I look at it, I just feel like, shit man it’s hard to explain.” -King Kunta blue

Here is a link to my interview featured in Happening in Dtla. A site that highlights events and artist in Los Angeles.





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