Jim Houser Screenprint “fish scale”


Jim Houser creates beautifully concise and graphic works with a superabundance of information and imagery. Known for his use of collage, assemblage, and installation techniques, he is inspired by the combination of drawing, painting, and language. The simplicity of Houser’s palette effectively offsets the intricacy of his clean, linear graphics; blood and the sea inspire his preference for the primary combination of blue and red, for instance. This elemental succinctness allows Houser to channel complex themes, concepts, and psychological states through a graphically striking restraint. Houser has done commercial work for the likes of Toy Machine, designarium, and Nike and has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Brazil.


Through Houser’s signature style of visual poetry and personal iconography, the artist extends his practice of self-examination to include the topic of art making itself. Works  serve to consider Houser’s relationship to the artwork he creates, the compulsion to create it and how his lifestyle has been formed, consequently.

Houser’s collages become visual poems through which he cathartically communicates his most private thoughts and emotions with surprising candor. By cataloging his experiences and feelings through a unique pictorial language, the artist creates his own brand of curative iconography. Houser’s aesthetic often mixes stylized figures, hand-drawn typography and geometric shapes, creating quilt-like collages in a cohesive color palette.

Houser layers acrylic on wood, fabric and found objects, blurring the lines between collage and sculpture. Once combined, it becomes clear that all of his works are associative and directly related. This deceptively dimensional quality is further highlighted when the pieces are assembled into one of the artist’s elaborate installations, adding to the complexity of each individual piece by emphasizing a greater inter-connectivity to the body of work as a whole.


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Product Description

Jim Houser. “Fish Scale” Screenprint. 2014


Author: Jim Houser
Technique: Screenprint 
Paper: math 250gr/m2 (size: 50 x 50)
Signed and hand numbered by the artist


We send it without the frame of the photo. Print shipped in a tube


Jim Houser: www.jimhouser.com


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