13 October 2018 Texto: Redacción. Fotografía: Archivo Benalfest.

FALL of 2018. We follow Roark into the more classical setting of Northern Patagonia, Argentina. It’s offerings are diverse, weather is unpredictable, people are rugged and carne is unprecedented. Rumors persist that our Protagonist traveled south in search of Gauchito Gil, a robin hood like figure – while others contend that the abundance of carne, malbec and a certain gluttony of exploration romanced the inner-adventure monger in Roark.

Nonetheless, we followed the trail into the Argentine Steppe on horseback starting our sojourn on the Estancia Rincon Grande, a massive ranch outside of Bariloche. Primarily producing cattle and merino wool, the property was massive – stretching from the Steppe to the Andes, not far from the Chilean border. We were able to both consume it’s carne and produce a few articles of clothing from harvestedwool. The color was surreal. Shades of gold and dusty brown dominated the landscape, creating a living vintage feel of desaturation – a perfect base of inspiration for garments. Our guide, Andres, is a leader of the entire animal kingdom, including Men, uncivilized Spirits and Beasts. The quintessential Gaucho and potential rival or disciple of brother Roark –yet to be determined. Mariano, the King of Chimichurri and keeper of the estancia would open our minds to an entire diet of meat. 40 pound sides of beef and full lambs cooked for hours on crucifix-like spits inches away from the fire for hours.



Just enough time to dive into story and local cerveza. Floating through space and time, the Rio Limay provided world–class trout fishing and a welcome refuge from the dust and grit. It’s steel blue color was reminiscent of a frozen indigo and influenced the collection. Finally, revivalist and friend Manu Dominguez led us to Refugio Frey. A 12 KM hike up a mountainside laden with 60 pounds of personal

effect, climbing gear and splitboards tested our resilience. The obscure but legendary perch in the Andes provided the perfect canvas to climb, ride and challenge our commitment.

The climate dictated our gear needs and inspired the layering and outerwear needed. We’ll return to the Falkland Islands to surf and explore the rugged coastline in the heart of the winter. Extreme to be sure, but well worth the risk.

Photography by Dylan Gordon, X and Ryan Hitzel




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