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inDUSTtrial Agriculture

16.11.14 Film.Video Surf   Working against nature, we all lose. Chemical agriculture bears an uncanny resemblance to the pharmaceutical industry. Both produce patented drugs that are meant ...


“Just Passing Through”, el nuevo film de Reef

29.09.14 Film.Video Surf   El pasado miércoles 24 de septiembre, REEF lanzó un nuevo film capturando su filosofía #JustPassingThrough. Cuando tu pasión es el surf y tu ...


“Se7en Signs”, Official Trailer

10.07.14 Film.Video Surf FULL FILM NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES SIX FILMMAKERS. SIX COUNTRIES. ONE JOURNEY. Innersection Films present another experiment in collaborative filmmaking. STARRING Peter Devries, Asher ...


Tom Thayer, Local Legendz

06.07.14 Film.Video Culture / Surf   For some people, age really is nothing but a number. Meet Tom Thayer. He was a lifeguard in San Diego for 35 ...


Dan Malloy, Just Like You

06.07.14 Film.Video Surf   de:


“Knost Split”, a film by Jack Coleman

04.06.14 Film.Video Surf   Un breve documental que rodó Jack Coleman y que, al mismo tiempo, sirve de anuncio para las tablas de la Mollusk Surf ...


“Mandarin Brown”, A film by Jack Coleman

04.06.14 Film.Video Surf   Jack Coleman montó este documental de surf con el metraje que le sobró de los viajes que hizo en 2012 y 2013 ...


REEF by Y. “La vida puede ser maravillosa”

24.05.14 Film.Video Surf   El rider del team español de REEF, Mario Azurza, vuelve a la carga con uno de sus vídeos que tanto nos gustan ...


Deep Bright

24.05.14 Film.Video Surf   Hace unas semanas os presentabamos el trailer de "Deep Bright". aqui tenemos ya el corto completo, donde el cineasta Guillem Cruells se ...


“Beyond The Surface” Film Trailer

26.03.14 Film.Video Surf   A Documentary Film Project Presented By FREE-THEO Productions Directed By Crystal Thornburg-Homcy & Dave Homcy Ishita Malaviya, India's first female surfer, is joined by ...


“Deep Bright” Trailer

16.03.14 Film.Video Surf   Deep Bright es un corto donde se refleja a Ethan Egiguren y su surf, en búsqueda de lo solitario y Idílico. Todo ...


Garrett McNamara for nature

03.11.13 Film.Video Surf   We had the pleasure meeting with Garrett and Nicole McNamara at the Surf- and Skatefilmfestival in Munich. Garrett, who surfed the biggest ...


The Ductumentary – Full Movie

03.11.13 Film.Video Surf   Vans Presents The Ductumentary, A short-film revealing what is perhaps Joel Tudor's greatest contribution to surfing. Featuring Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, Tyler ...


Killer Loop introduces Daniel Månsson

06.09.13 Film.Video Surf   There is a voice that drags each and every one of us to the place where we belong. Feeling at home is not ...



06.09.13 Film.Video Surf CYRUS SUTTON x REEF presents "Compassing". Produced by KORDUROY Earlier this week, Cyrus Sutton and the Reef team made the short drive south ...


Just one question: What drives you?

03.09.13 Film.Video Culture / Surf   Wheels and Waves Biarritz 2013 by Southsiders MC by: Arthur Paul Heisler


Tanner Prairie / California Summer

03.09.13 Film.Video Surf   In this webisode of 'California Summer' we take a quick look into RVCA Advocate Tanner Prairie's life as a surfer, shaper, father, ...


Nuages Glissants

03.09.13 Film.Video Surf   My friend Remy Barreyat shoot some summer waves of Robin Falxa and me at Lafitenia with a cheap waterproof camera. I edited ...


Geoff Lawton / Local Legendz

03.09.13 Film.Video Culture / Surf   As soon as Geoff Lawton realized he was having "dreams of self-sufficiency and living in a harmonious way with natural systems," he ...


Living in Sea-Land // SurfBored

03.09.13 Film.Video Surf   Living In Sea-Land is a short film series documenting the Scandinavian surf scene and telling the stories of local enthusiasts and north ...

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