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Artist Series. OG Slick

21.01.15 Film.Video Art   Recently, The OBEY crew met up with OG Slick at The DISSIZIT head quarters to get some insight on our OBEY X ...


Aryz “El fin justificado” Mural. Bilbao 2014

18.12.14 Film.Video Art   SC Gallery + Art Management presenta, de la mano del artista Aryz la obra mural titulada “El fin justificado”. Ubicada en la ...


Robert Seidel para Center for Visual Music

08.12.14 Film.Video Art El Center for Visual Music de Los Ángeles ha producido un DVD dedicado al artista Robert Seidel en el que recoge las ...


“Calle”: el espacio público como medio de auto-difusión

08.12.14 Film.Video Art A pesar de que las administraciones parecen empeñarse en ponerle cada vez más difícil a los artistas mostrar su trabajo en la ...


Vans presenta MOMENTS 2014, Málaga

01.12.14 Film.Video Art / Culture   A Celebration of Independent Art & Culture. 5, 6, 7 Noviembre 2014 Escuela de Arte San Telmo, Málaga una producción de: Staf thenewpopculture Realización y grabación: ...


Kid Acne x The Birth Of Hip Hop

29.09.14 Film.Video Art   El graffitero Kid Acne acaba de terminar un mural en la ciudad de Sheffield titulado “The Birth Of Hip Hop”, que ha ...


OBEY Artist Series: Minka Sicklinger

29.07.14 Film.Video Art Minka Sicklinger is a BOSS. She has a ridiculous collection of exotic furs, which she wears regularly. Dead animals are kind of ...


The Line Mural

29.07.14 Film.Video Art   The Peace Tree Mural marks the commencement of Shepard Fairey’s eight city mural tour. The Line Hotel in Koreatown is a renovated ...


Obey Charleston

29.07.14 Film.Video Art   “Last month, I was fortunate enough to partake and document Shepard’s first major exhibition in his hometown “POWER & GLORY” at The ...


Rainstorm: Travis Jensen, photography

10.07.14 Film.Video Art   Brainstorm is a new feature in which we will introduce various people that we collaborate with on projects. The first episode focuses ...


Sign Painting by Jeff Canham

06.07.14 Film.Video Art   STUSSY Livin' GENERAL STORE.


Pen & Paper: Kevin Lyons

06.07.14 Film.Video Art   HYPEBEAST's latest Pen & Paper sees the work of creative director, designer and illustrator Kevin Lyons. While in Paris for his snowboarding ...


DeeDee Cheriel OBEY Artist Series

01.07.14 Film.Video Art   Nalini ‘Deedee’ Cheriel is a visual artist who started out creating record covers and T-shirts for the Oregon music scene in the ...


“Teebs Obey” Arist Series

01.07.14 Film.Video Art   A short video of our Summer 2014 Limited Series Artist, TEEBS aka Mtendere Mandowa. He's been busy through this first quarter in ...


Spoke Art Presents | “Bad Dads”

01.07.14 Film.Video Art   An art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson.


Steve Caballero: The Artist

26.03.14 Film.Video Art / Skate   A Professional Skateboarder, an Artist, a Musician, a Motocross Rider, and a Faith driven Family Man. You would think that a person ...


Simon Landrein

06.03.14 Film.Video Art El artista afincado en Londres Simon Landrein nos presenta su animación “Michel Homm – a brief history”, cargada de sentido del humor ...


The Art of Sign Painting with Nicolai Sclater / Ornamental Conifer

03.11.13 Film.Video Art   British artist Nicolai Sclater may be coined a sign painter by trade, but he takes his art further then the customary two-dimensional ...


MLCK x Le Monde est à Nous

03.11.13 Film.Video Art   MLCK, "Stuff Maker" & type lover based in Biarritz, engraved a mirror for the blog: To see more of MLCK's work visit: Filmed ...


Risque (dirty little pictures) Opening Reception

03.11.13 Film.Video Art   The Opening Reception of 'Risque (dirty little pictures)', an art show curated by ANP Artist Jeff McMillan and Nathan Spoor. The show ...

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